Art - my true love

Well i think i didn't mention it yet but im going to an art school im doing traditional and digital art im not the best at it but you know im getting better :) im not sure if you are going to like them but i wanted to show you some of my sketchbook drawings maybe you can tell me what you think ? that would be great :D Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket im right now trying to improve my skills in drawing portraits and humans i do a lot of anatomy studies aswell but im too scared to show them to you i will do one day when they look better


  1. Wow
    Going to art school sounds great.
    I was going to do Fashion Design but the thought of all those other Fashion designers (better than i am/more creative) kinda scares me.
    I guess im not that bold.
    Art school is cool.

  2. yes going to an art school is gorgeous
    i will study fashion design after i finished school
    there is a fashion university in vienna and i cant wait to get there because i really love sewing and designing :)

  3. gorgeous drawings! i love the first one especially, the sort of ethnic vibe to it is reaaly pretty!"