My Designs #1

Hey :) I never showed you any of my fashion designs ... I really dont know how good or bad they are probably you can tell me? xoxo Photobucket


  1. How "BAD" they are?
    I think that dress is awesome. Right now im thinking Tulle for the dress with a belt. Or for the roses. Idk but im just thinking. Lol
    Its lovely.
    I used to draw a lot until i started College.
    Now what i do a lot is study.
    I have my sketchbook though so when i get bored, i draw.
    That dress is really red-carpet worthy. With some alterations. :D

  2. Thank you :)
    im gonna sew it an wear it for prom probably
    i just love skechting and sewing
    id really love to study fashion design
    hopefully my dreams will come true
    what do you study?