Zalando Fashion-Flatrate + new Lanvin campaign

Zalando Fashion Flatrate

Zalando, a german website where you can order clothes, is hosting a contest where you can win a fashion-flatrate. All i have to do is showing them my favourite outfit with items from their site.. so here it is: my perfect autumn outfit :)

i think its sexy, cute, warm and classy and that's all i need
wish me luck!


dress:i chose it because of the mustard colour and because of the beautiful but simple cut
shoes:i took these pumps because firstly, they have high heels which is necessary if you only measure 1,60 m and secondly because i think the tip of the shoe looks so lovely
coat:mostly chosen because of the colour and its wearable in autumn and winter
tights:i just love dots and things that got some 50s vibe to them
lipgloss:nobody can resist red lips
eyehadow 1+2:golden and purple go very well together i think and are nice colours for autumn
rouge:i always use rouge
eyeliner:eyeliner is also an everyday must-have and in brown it looks more discreet
eyebrowpencil:same as with the eyliner
mascara:of course also an everyday must-have


and i also wanted to show you the new Lanvin campaign spot, its just so gorgeous!
watch it till the end and you'll see Alber Elbaz jumping around :D


  1. I want the Shoes ! They are so nice :)
    Love S.
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  2. This video is fab!! How cute is Alber Elbaz at the end?!