Current Outfit Inspiration

Hey everybody
I haven't postet anything in a very long time, I moved to Berlin about a year ago, without my parents to study fashion design and that is quite stressfull. So please excuse me for being absent. Recently I have had a little bit of free time and I found inspiration in a trend that feels a litlle 90s to me: school uniform elements.
As you probably know, school uniforms are not common in Germany and Austria so for teenagers, or young woman here, it is really only a fashion trend they can play with. And without even realizing it, it happended that I wore quite a lot uniform inspired pieces the last few days.
So I thought why not making a nice little post about it. I was a little surprised at how many fashion editorials I found that were highschool, uniform, japanese, whatever themed.

 photo AlexAmag02_zps9170ff0d.jpg

 photo vs-magazine-ellen-von-unwerth2-756x1200_zps810f843d.jpg

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